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Representation In Divorce And Family Law Matters

Divorce and other family law situations inevitably bring change. If you find yourself in a situation that may alter your family structure, you will want to hire an attorney who can ensure you have what you need to move forward with confidence.

The Smith Law Office, PC, led by founding attorney Jason David Smith, provides Oklahoma residents in Jay and throughout Delaware County and the state with aggressive yet compassionate representation in divorce and other types of family law cases. We will always be honest about what you can expect during your case and our suggestions for achieving the most optimal resolution.

Your Family Can Trust Our Experience And Skill

The Smith Law Office, PC, is more than just a divorce firm. We can help with all aspects of family law, including actions stretching far beyond a divorce decree itself. We can help with all of these family law matters and more, including:

  • Post-divorce child custody modifications
  • Child and spousal support requests
  • Paternity-related legal matters
  • Guardianship applications
  • Adoptions
  • Protective orders

With all of our clients, our desire is to help them achieve the best results possible for themselves and their family.

Our Approach: Negotiation First, Litigation As A Last Resort

At our firm, we believe that mediation, required by law before divorce trials in Oklahoma, often provides the best results for families facing a marital dissolution. Mediated divorce settlements can:

  • Protect children from feeling torn between parents
  • Keep private life details private
  • Allow divorcing spouses to co-parent more effectively after the decree is issued

However, if you are facing a divorce where mediation is simply not an option, Jason David Smith will prepare your divorce litigation with skill and meticulous attention to detail.

Contact Us For Honest, Compassionate Counsel During Your Divorce

As your divorce lawyer in Jay, Oklahoma, and throughout the state, Jason David Smith will provide you with a frank assessment of your situation, tempered with kindness and compassion for what your family is enduring. Call us at 417-438-1421 for a free initial appointment, or use our online contact form to get things started.

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