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What To Do If You Are Stopped On Suspicion Of DUI

Being stopped on suspicion of intoxicated driving can be a fear-inducing experience. You may have only a few moments to determine how you will respond to a police officer’s commands. You need to understand the consequences of taking or refusing a breath test, field sobriety tests and other common elements of a DUI arrest situation.

The Smith Law Office, PC, headed by attorney Jason David Smith, can provide a DUI lawyer in Jay, Oklahoma, as well as Delaware County and throughout the state. We can aggressively represent your rights at a trial or administrative hearing.

The Most Important Steps To Take At A DUI Stop

There are several actions you can take if you are stopped and facing a drunk driving arrest. These steps can preserve your due process rights and ensure you receive the fairest hearing possible.

  1. Be polite but assert your right to remain silent. The officer who stops you may question you about where you have been or if you have been drinking. You may invoke your right to remain silent after you identify yourself. Be cooperative, but understand you are not obligated to answer questions without an attorney present.
  2. Consider declining field sobriety tests or portable Breathalyzer tests at the stop. In Oklahoma, neither of these tests are required in the state’s implied consent law.
  3. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. There are many reasons having a lawyer at your side throughout the DUI process is essential, including the fact that we can represent you in an administrative hearing to suspend your driver’s license.
  4. Cooperate fully with your attorney as he builds your defense. Be forthcoming with the details of both the situation before you were stopped and how police behaved during the stop.

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